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Affiliate Marketing Strategies for success online

Have you been wondering about affiliate marketing strategies for success? It is important to figure out the best way to succeed at affiliate marketing. The good news is that there are some proven strategies that do work, which others have tried. Three key strategies that will highly boost your success are SEO, pay per click and funnels.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This entails the creation of your authority, which then will prompt search engines to realize the credibility of your website. Thus, it is important to use potent keywords that are correct and to apply good back links.

This will help to increase the amount of organic traffic to your affiliate offers. When SEO is done rightly, this builds trust over time, which in turn results in more sales and profits. That is what you want after all, which is why top quality SEO should always be applied in all affiliate marketing efforts.

Pay Per Click

When you use pay per click marketing, you must pay for each click of ads by visitors. This is a method of purchasing opportunities to drive visitors to a website. This is different from earning organic traffic, as organic traffic is not paid for.

A powerful form of pay per click advertising is search engine advertising. This form of advertising permits the bidding for the placement of ads within the sponsored links of a search engine,. When a person is searching for a keyword that is associated with the offering in the ad, the ad will be displayed to such a person in the hope that the person will click the link and buy the product or service.

Sales Funnels

A sales funnel is a series of elements that are used to help people buy your products and services. The purpose of the funnel is to guide people to buy more than one item in order to increase your profits. That is why it is very important to use a funnel marketing system.

The first element of the funnel system in regard to affiliate marketing is first the website, as the website must have an offer that people want to buy. Then there must be follow up. The follow up happens via email if people are seeking more information about other products or if you send information about new products over time, etc.

The sales funnel should be automated. That is why it is ideal to use an auto-responder email service for this. This will save you much time and no one will be left out. All people who contact the site and buy the product you are promoting will be put through the funnel system in an effort to gain more sales and profits.

In Conclusion

When you apply SEO, pay per click and funnels, you will be implementing the best strategies that will provide you with the fastest track for profits from your affiliate marketing efforts. If you have had not had much success earlier in regard to making good money with affiliate marketing, you should do bountifully well when you apply these techniques, which provide the most value in regard to marketing online today.

All About Marketing

At Bluebananamarketing, we understand the value of setting goals, realizing expectations and driving performance. Marketing today is done much different than it has in the past. In the past, you would see marketing campaigns that would talk about a product, discuss it’s features and how great it is, maybe even compare it to another product and then tell you that you need it. What worked then does not work now but the core essence of this is the same.

How it works today

Today marketing still has the same result, where it makes you want to have the product. In the old days ads told you you should get it, nowadays, ads appeal to your emotions, to make yourself decide you want the product or even service advertised.

You may remember the ipod commercials that Apple released many years ago. They never told you that you need to have it, never compared it to other products. What they did though was appealed to your emotions. Accompanied with slick graphics and edgy music, it made the ipod look cool. People want stuff that looks cool, and they knew the demographic they were targeting.

Ads Everywhere

Nowadays advertising is in your face every day.  From TV commercials and infomercials, to radio ads, print and especially online.

I was recently in Bangkok, Thailand and was amazed at the in-your-face advertising that people while waiting for the Skytrain, which is an above ground train system in Thailand. Ads are everywhere, in the station, on the train (TV) while waiting for the train, etc. It’s the most aggressive advertising I have ever seen.

bangkok advertising

It’s effective because people are waiting around for the train to come, so any distraction is welcomed by their eyes. You can even watch people how they focus on the ads. The attention is very obvious.

So today advertisers are doing much of the same as yesteryear but appealing to emotions much more. This strategy has proven beneficial for advertisers as they take in billions of dollars a year collectively for their marketing efforts.