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An Unbiased and Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

The wealthy affiliate is a very well known online course that teaches you how to learn affiliate marketing.  People can join for free just to test out the course but you will have to pay for the premium version.  The premium version is $49.00 a month and gives you access to the entire course.  Is it worth it though?  In this review who will look at the course to see if it is an investment you should partake in.

When you join the free membership all you’ll get is a series of lessons on how to set up a word press website.  To entice you to get the membership to see the full course they will offer you the first month for $19.00 but you need to act within the first seven days.

The free lessons are found in level one of the course.  There are 10 free lessons in total that you can take as a free member.  Some of these lessons include an introduction to affiliate marketing and what to expect.  You’ll also learn how to choose a niche and find products.

After this you will learn how to set up your website but oddly enough they will try to get you on to their platform.  When you set up a website you should be registering your own domain name and get your own host.  Never join any platform within the course because if you were to cancel your membership you may lose everything that you have built.  Doing it this way keeps you completely independent and protected.

They do teach you how to set up a website in WordPress which is beneficial to those that have never done this before.  However, there’s many free resources online on how to do this.

In the free lessons you’ll also learn how to find keywords and they also push one of their products called Jaaxy.  I believe this tool is free as long as you have the wealthy affiliate membership but is a paid tool should you choose to leave the platform.

Paid Membership Starts at Level 2

If you decide to join as a paid member, the first level which is technically level two has 10 different lessons.  Some of these lessons include things like branding, how to create an article with lots of keywords for traffic, creating an email account, choosing the right keywords, building trust on your site and also a section on productivity which comes down to mindset.

Level 3

In level three, the stocks all about how you can make money.  It goes into topics such as giving an overview of affiliate marketing, adding links to your articles, how to use google Adsense and Amazon, testing affiliate offers and setting up your Google Analytics.

Level 4: Social Engagement

In level four you’re going to learn how to create engagement with your brand.  This includes incorporating social properties like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  Social engagement is created by allowing social shares of your content.  The more content you have shared, the greater chances of success.  This module will tell you how to create a post in your blog that will want people to share your content.  You’ll also learn more about the social platforms and how to use them properly.

Level 5

In level five content creation is the topic.  Here they will tell you that creating good content is what will help you rank in the search engines.  This is a falsehood as there are many different factors that determine your ranking placement.

Having good content is good for your readers and also good for the search engines but that doesn’t mean you’re going to out ranked a competitor’s page on the same topic.  Take this module with a grain of salt.  There’s more on this topic here that you can check out.

Rest of The Modules

The rest of the modules of the Wealthy Affiliate include a seven phase Affiliate Bootcamp where they teach you how to promote the Wealthy Affiliate to make money.  A lot of emphasis is placed on the promotion of the Wealthy Affiliate which could be a turnoff for some.

Overall Impression of The Wealthy Affiliate

This course has some good information for people that are new to affiliate marketing.  There’s also a lot of fluff in the training which will distract you.  There is a solid community in the program which is good if you need support.

There’s a lot of affiliate programs out there in this course is definitely one of the oldest and probably the largest.  I don’t think it’s the best out there but at least you can take the trial membership at just $19.00 a month to get full access to see if you’re going to continue with it or not.